Emma & Phil - Slaters Country Inn Wedding. Staffordshire Wedding Photography.

January 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've not blogged in what seems like forever so I thoroughly need a good kick up the backside this year! I'm determined to keep up to date with it in 2016....if only there were more hours in the day! 

To start this year off I thought I'd post my last wedding of 2015. This was a special one as it was also one of my best friends getting married.

After what seemed like forever the big day finally arrived, I was at Emma's house bright and breezy (she'd been forewarned to put the kettle on!) and ready for action. Apart from a few little hiccups (little Lily decided she wanted to play with mascara and get it all over her nice white dress!) everything went smoothly. 

Although the weather was dismal and the wind was howling I was determined to get some decent pictures outside for my friend on her special day....even if it meant getting soaked to the bone myself. It didn't stop me from crossing my fingers in hope of a dry spell though. 

The day flew by so very fast as all weddings seem to do. I highly recommend if you're getting married to take some time to yourselves on your wedding day. I advise this to all my bride & grooms. Just half an hour to take it all in and relax in each others company in peace.

Anyway....the day was beautiful, the bride was stunning, the groom scrubbed up pretty well too! The food was to die for, the guests were delightful and the venue was perfect for them. 

​Here's a few of the pictures from Emma & Phil's day.




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